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The Canoe Association Northern Ireland (CANI) has changed its structure from an association to a limited company with charitable status. CANI were guided through the process by a solicitor who ensured that all appropriate steps were taken to successfully make the transfer and advised on what systems needed to be in place, with additional support from Sport NI.  The change provides greater governance assurance and also will enable CANI to avail of the benefits associated with being a charity. This was a long process, which involved every level of the organisation and significant time input from the CANI committee and the Development Manager.

As CANI is now a limited company the CANI Council has changed to the CANI Board of Directors and new terms and conditions for the Board have been developed. Each Director has a role description, which ensures all key aspects of the organisation receive the focus of a non-executive director. Director’s terms of office have been re-written so that at each annual general meeting one-half of the directors must retire from office and after six years’ service a director must retire but may be co-opted back if required. New directors are appointed at the AGM to replace those that retire. There is also the provision to appoint independent directors to join the board to fill gaps in skill sets.

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