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Disability Sport NI works with people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities of all ages, through schools, disability groups, sporting organisations and clubs.  This ensures that everyone can benefit from the health, social and education benefits of sport and active recreation.  The organisation believes that every person with a disability has the right to participate in all aspects of life and is committed to building a more inclusive society where people with disabilities have the same opportunity as non-disabled people to lead a full, active and healthy lifestyle through sport and active recreation.

During 2014-2015 Disability Sport NI carried out a governance review, which lead to the following key improvements:

Board Restructure
A new skills based Board was recruited through an open selection and recruitment process and are now appointed on a rotational basis for a maximum term of two four year cycles.

Standing Items
In line with good practice the agenda for Board meetings now include conflict of interest, equality and the risk register.

Code of Good Governance
The Board of Directors have adopted ‘The Code of Good Governance’ and now follow its five principles on an ongoing basis.

Policies and Procedures
All key policies and procedures are now routinely reviewed by the Board of Directors on a three year cycle.

Equality Standard
Disability Sport NI was one of two organisations in Northern Ireland to achieve the preliminary level accreditation in 2014. The organisation plans to work towards the next level within the coming years.

Consultation with Stakeholders
During 2015-2016 as part of the development of the new ‘Active Living: No Limits 2021 Action Plan’, a plan to improve the health and wellbeing of people with a disability in Northern Ireland through participation in sport and active recreation, Disability Sport NI consulted widely with athletes, participants, member groups and key stakeholders. The plan was launched by the Department for Communities Minister in October 2016.

Communications and Engagement Strategy
To improve communication with athletes, participants, member groups and key stakeholders in early 2017 the organisation implemented a new communications and engagement strategy and appointed its first Communications and Engagement Officer.

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