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Downshire Tennis Club (Hillsborough, Co. Down) is a role model for how a club can contribute to the delivery of the Ulster Tennis strategy (2012-21). Within the strategy, Ulster Tennis has set out an agreed vision and plans for continuous improvement, introducing people to tennis, developing facilities, programmes and players and supporting the community.

Downshire Tennis club fully endorses this strategy. The club is led by a strong committee and structure, with 30 volunteers who have clear roles and accountabilities. Talented people with skills to support the strategy are co-opted at any time during each year, with a brief for each role and the freedom to act and achieve their objectives. Committee meetings are held monthly. Courtesy and discipline are encouraged by raising issues in advance with the person responsible and the Tennis Director and sub-committees report in advance.

The Club has experienced dynamic growth in recent years. Costs have been reduced and fundraising and sponsorship increased. Additional surpluses have been reinvested in continuous improvement in Club programmes,ensuring members obtain value for money and enjoy friendship and fun. The role of Coach-Tennis Director at Downshire is integrated into the committee and has objectives aligned to the club’s development plan. Sub-committees focus on development of key areas of the club’s business providing focus and ensuring new committee members and other volunteers can be integrated and supported. Continually refreshing and blending committees is crucial to the implementation and oversight of the work of the organisation.

Downshire Tennis Club firmly believes that exceptional development and financial sustainability will be achieved and sustained by implementing a long term development plan, and targeting and recruiting talented people who work well together as a team, in pursuit of a common cause to provide exceptional service to their members and community.

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