Principle 1

An effective board will provide good governance and leadership by understanding its role and responsibilities.

The members of the board are equally responsible in law for board actions and decisions. They are collectively responsible and accountable for ensuring that the organisation is performing well, is solvent and complies with all its obligations in terms of:

  • Setting and safeguarding the vision, values and reputation of the organisation.
  • The rules set out in the governing document.
  • Their legal duties.
  • Their stewardship of assets.
  • The organisation’s operating environment.
  • The structure of the organisation.
  • Overseeing the work of the organisation.

Good practice/behaviours

  1. Agree the values that underpin the organisation.
  2. Agree a clear mission and vision for the organisation.
  3. Be aware of the mission, vision and values of their organisation, and how to keep its reputation high.
  4. Gain knowledge of the governing document (constitution/articles of association) as a useful and regular source of guidance, especially during elections and membership or equality discussions.
  5. Develop an understanding of legal responsibilities, e.g. Safeguarding, fraud, financial matters and charities legislation (CASC/ Charity status) should all be considered.
  6. Understand expected behaviours individually and collectively.

This training should be repeated biannually. The executive committee should also make sure that:

  1. Any assets are recorded, protected, and used to meet the organisation’s objectives. Decisions regarding assets should be guided by the constitution.
  2. A volunteer/staff handbook is prepared, to help members understand their roles and responsibilities.
  3. The organisation fits its setting, and can implement change to suit needs. It will make sure all committee members stay involved and in touch, taking an interest in sporting success, for example.

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