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Ulster Camogie has come a long way in a very short period of time thanks to the hard working Ulster Camogie Council, the Executive and most of all consultation with all stakeholders. Ulster Camogie had a Strategic Plan in place from 2009-2015 but this plan faced difficulties in the implementation period and although many of the targets were achieved, it lacked a solid backbone as it had not been developed through consultation with the Camogie Association, Ulster GAA, Sport NI and clubs. The Ulster Camogie Council wanted to develop a fresh, realistic plan which embraced the changing environment and to ensure that organisational purposes remained relevant.

As a body Ulster Camogie has undertaken extensive work to strengthen its governance and leadership. This was key to forming a Strategic Plan which could be grasped by all. The process started with a number of in-depth consultation events throughout Ulster with players and volunteers at every level. This was assisted by Ulster GAA who Ulster Camogie are closely aligned to, supported and advised by. Ulster Camogie implemented an Integration Policy across Ulster which has led to improved relations across all codes of the Gaelic Games family.

It is important that all structures within Camogie in Ireland are going in the same direction so it was essential that the Ulster Camogie strategy Buille go Bua (Striking for Success) compliments the National Camogie Development Plan Our Game Our Passion. Throughout the process National Development Officer Mary O’Connor provided support and Ulster Camogie also benefitted from financial and development support from Sport NI. Through a renewed focus on its organisational purpose Ulster Camogie developed its strategy for 2013-2017.

The five themes of Buille go Bua are:

  • Governance: Strengthening Ulster Council
  • Coaching & Games: Achieving High Standards
  • Club & Community Development: Building Capacity across Ulster
  • Enhancing Camogie Profile: Improving Marketing Camogie
  • Schools & Higher Education: Developing the Education Sector

Ulster Camogie are now into the final year of Buille go Bua and continue to achieve the targets set throughout. This has been done through continued evaluation of results, assessing outcomes and impacts with close consultation on a quarterly basis with the Ulster Camogie Council, County Boards and staff, where short term targets were set to ensure the plan continued to progress towards a long-term goal. Ulster Camogie have continued to develop Governance, Coaching and Talent systems with support from Sport NI over the period of this strategy.

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